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Angela Samartano

Social Media  Marketing Expert | Artist | Content Creator

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Welcome To My World

Angela Samartano is a social media marketing expert with over a decade of experience within the music and hospitality industries. She works with clients across the globe, crafting unique social media concepts with a lasting impact.

Image by Alyssa Hurley


Image by Alyssa Hurley


Angela has worked with a wide variety of hospitality and music-related clients throughout the last decade, helping them to build their social media presence and increase their fan base.

Hospitality Industry

Angela has also worked with hotels and restaurants in the hospitality industry, helping them to create engaging social media campaigns that attract new customers.

Event Promotion

Angela has helped event organizers to create buzz around their events through social media campaigns that target the right audience.

Influencer Marketing

Angela has worked with influencers from various industries to create sponsored content that resonates with their followers and drives engagement.

Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Strategy, Content Creation & Influencer Marketing

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